Episode 128

Published on:

8th Feb 2024

The Greatest of Ambitions: Amanda Morris

In this captivating episode of The Experiment Podcast, we sit down with the dynamic Amanda Morris, the CEO and Founder of Great Ambitions. Amanda takes us on a journey through her entrepreneurial ventures, revealing invaluable insights and inspiring anecdotes along the way.

Key Highlights:

  1. From Passion to Purpose: Amanda shares the driving force behind her journey into the world of cosmetology and entrepreneurship. Discover how her passion for beauty transformed into the thriving empire that is Great Ambitions today.
  2. Navigating Challenges: As with any entrepreneurial endeavor, Amanda encountered her fair share of challenges. From navigating industry norms to overcoming self-doubt, she discusses the hurdles she faced and the strategies she employed to emerge stronger than ever.
  3. Empowerment and Mentorship: At the heart of Great Ambitions lies Amanda's dedication to empowering others. Learn about her commitment to mentorship and the initiatives she spearheads to uplift aspiring professionals in the beauty industry.
  4. The Vision Ahead: Amanda provides a glimpse into the future of Great Ambitions and shares her vision for the brand. From innovative techniques to community engagement, discover what lies on the horizon for this trailblazing entrepreneur.

Tune in to Episode 128 of The Experiment Podcast to uncover the secrets to success from Amanda Morris herself. Visit www.theexperimentpodcast.com to listen now and delve deeper into Amanda's journey by reading the full article at www.thekentuckylady.com. Don't miss out on this empowering conversation!

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Hey Y'all!! The eXperiment podcast is just that – an experiment. My whole life I’ve felt like people try to put you in a box. I’m sooooo an outside the box person, who oddly relishes her rituals in life. But, my previous podcast was more about stories of living excellence in your daily life. A bit too woo woo for even me, if I’m honest. This eXperiment podcast is about life and business. Yes, it will cover REAL ESTATE because real estate affects all of our lives each and every day. We have to have shelter. It will also cover WELLNESS because if you don’t have your health, it don’t matter where you live. And it will cover ENTREPRENEURSHIP – because we truly are the backbone of this country. It takes so much courage and aversion to risk to step out and create a platform that doesn’t currently exist – hope and pray that someone will believe in you and invest in what you’re doing.

This culture is thankfully coming out of it’s fog that it’s been living in for too long. We chased the Kardashian life – hmmm, that’s interesting, this is their last season. Don’t think that’s coincidental. Bottom line, it’s about sharing the truth of the journey that it takes to get up every day and support yourself as an entrepreneur. What I know that I know is ALL of us have a dream and a vision for our life and sometimes you just need to hear from someone that you don’t know that you have permission to step out of the box that society has created that isn’t real and doesn’t work. So, the journey, the wins and the falling downs WILL be exposed on this podcast. By me and by the people who honor me with their time and allow me to interview them. www.theexperimentpodcast.com Can't wait to get to know you!! Laura www.lauradoughty.com