Episode 14

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14th Oct 2020

14: Rita Catolino - Speaker, Coach, Wellness Industry Leader - Pt 2

After witnessing her own mother struggle her entire life with weight issues, and headed down the same route, Rita decided to "grab a hold" of her health in 2007 with the birth of her daughter Ariana. She knew she had to change her lifestyle and be an example for her new bundle of joy. Rita picked up her first a at dumbbell at 27 years old and started down the path that would change her entire life. After a few years of transforming her own lifestyle and physique, Rita decided she wanted to share this lifestyle with others. She became a certified trainer and nutritionist and started helping other women "Regain their Shine". During this time, Rita started on a fitness modelling career and graced the covers of over 7 international fitness magazines, including Oxygen and Womens Health and Fitness. Rita also competed internationally in Bikini Modelling and went on to represent Canda at The Arnold's International stage in Madrid before "hanging up her heels" in 2014. 

Rita has since gone on to create many programs for women, including her 12 Week Transformation Program, her 4 Weeks To Fab program, and many more. Rita also started collaborating with an international wellness company 5 years ago, and is one of the top ranked in Canada. 

Most recently, Rita has signed a book deal with the TOP publisher in the Nordic countries- Bonnier, and will be co-writing a 12 week Guide book with Top selling author and friend Maria Borelius. 

Rita has experienced her own fair share of struggles, and uses them to find strength over struggle and draws from them to inspire others to do the same. Rita suffered 10 years of infertility, and most recently gave birth in 2018 to her "Miracle boy" Gabriel, now 2. Rita also was diagnosed with stage 2 Melanoma last year, and is now cancer-free. 

She is a mother and wife first, loves to share her gifts with others and would love to retire in Italy (her native land) or Spain, her husbands one day. 

As always, you can find more about the Wellness Challenge and all my favorite products at LauraDoughty.com/favoriteproducts

Website: www.ritacatolino.com

IG: @RitaCatolino

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